CNC Operator and Master Machinist

To manufacture and fabricate machine parts and operate CNC equipment.  To repair, rebuild, or overhaul
all types of production and service equipment in the facility.
Uses full range of precision measuring and gaging tools to perform inspection before start of job.  
Ensuring the accuracy & maintenance of the CNC machinery
Operating other industrial machinery, including hydraulic press, grinder, borer, overhead crane,
forklift, etc.
Fitting the right tools to active machines
Performing proper set-up and calibration procedures for all equipment and accessories
Setting tolerance levels and cutting speeds
Translates the requirements of detailed part drawings into measurements for production
Inspecting workflows to ensure that technical and quality standards are met
Devising a work plan to efficiently carry out daily machining
Performs repair, rebuilding or overhaul work of manufacturing or service equipment from
blueprints, company manufacturing manuals, written or verbal instructions.  
Starts up and shuts down equipment in line with company safety procedures for equipment under
power and OSHA requirements.
Frequently works with other tradespersons such as millwrights, electricians, pipefitters, etc.
Reads and interprets blueprints to plan setup and operation of all types of machine shop machine
Makes repair parts if not commercially available nor available from company central inventory
Plans setup and operates typical machine shop machine tools, producing parts to tolerances and
company specifications. Uses typical machinist's handtools.
Sets up and tests production equipment under power, testing for mechanical difficulties, tracing to
their sources and correcting problem.
Works with other technicians to help complete bigger and more complex jobs
On second and third shifts and weekends may also act as stores attendant, providing machine parts
and obtaining material requisition slip.
Cleans up sweepings of machine tool operation scrap and places in trash bin.
Completion of formal apprenticeship program or completion of in-company, four-year training
program to satisfaction of plant training committee.
Works with power driven equipment; overhaul and repair work may involve assignments in
overhead structures or work beneath machinery. Frequent stooping and bending required.
Works with costly metals where possibility of damage or spoilage is high.
Close attention and care is required to prevent damage to complex machine tools. High mental and
visual effort required.

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