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Safer, more efficient and more affordable. Get ready to roll.

Our RePower Platform converts existing diesel, class 6 & 7 trucks and buses into the cleanest, safest, and most efficient electric vehicles on the road, today.

The RePower Process is Simple


Select RePower

  • Later model year vehicles
  • High volume fleet vehicles
  • Locations with incentives
  • Additional models to be added
  • DOT Inspection

Remove Legacy Drivetrain

  • Motor, transmission, rear axle
  • Cooling system
  • HVAC system
  • Fuel tanks

Install Wrightspeed
RePower™ Kit

  • E-Axle
  • Electrical harness
  • Install Hi-Voltage Battery
  • Instrument Cluster + Controls
  • Vehicle Dynamics Module

While medium and heavy-duty trucks make up only 4% of the total vehicle population, they create 25% of the pollution.

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